College Savings Foundation 2018 Conference

The College Savings Foundation is pleased to bring you an informative and distinctive conference that explores the past and future of the 529 industry. There are many ways Americans can save for college and over the last 20 years we have seen significant growth and awareness of 529 plans. The conference will provide an environment for information sharing and discussion on the growth of 529 plans since they were introduced 20 years ago, new developments in that time and a prospective look at 20 years in the future for 529 plans and the college experience. It will explore substantive content, what’s new with program managers, state programs for low and moderate-income savers, an update on the implementation of ABLE, and an exciting keynote speaker.


The conference is open to everyone with a desire to learn more about the current issues and opportunities in 529 college savings plans, including:

  • Program managers
  • Investment managers
  • State Treasurers
  • State sponsors and representatives
  • Senior managers at broker/dealers
  • Law firms
  • Not‐for‐profits
  • Those involved in the higher education industry
  • Current and potential vendors
  • Financial advisors and planners
  • Marketing Outreach for Direct Sold Plans
  • The State of the 529 Industry
  • Global Financial Market Overview
  • What is Higher Education Doing to Meet the Needs of Changing Workplace Demands and Demographics?
  • Overview on Higher Education Issues
  • Updates on Federal Legislation and Regulations
  • Updates on ABLE
  • Landscape for Advisor-Sold Programs

A distinguished list of presenters will be speaking at the Conference, including regulators, private sector analysts, senior managers and industry analysts.

  • Rachel Biar
    Assistant State Treasurer, College Savings Program, Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office
  • Tonio DeSorrento
    Founder & CEO, Vemo
  • Pam Ellis
    Associate General Counsel, MSRB
  • Andrea Feirstein
    Managing Director, AKF Consulting Group
  • Randy Hardock
    Partner, Davis & Harman
  • Peter Hughan
    Sales Director, College Savings John Hancock Investments
  • John Hupalo
    Co-Founder, Invite Education
  • Martha Johnston
    Director of Education, Finance Authority of Maine
  • Roger Michaud
    Senior Vice President, Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Troy Montigney
    Executive Director, Indiana Education Savings Authority
  • Tom Morgan
    Director, BlackRock, US Wealth Advisory
  • Barbara Pate
    Partner, Davis & Harman
  • Tom Pappas
    Vice President, Advertising Regulation, FINRA
  • Rachel Ramos
    Product Manager, Investment Services, American Funds
  • Peter Samuelson
    Founder & President, LRAP Association
  • Vivian Tsai
    Senior Director Relationship Management, TIAA
  • Lois Welsh
    Senior Marketing Director, TIAA
  • Bill Wostoupal
    Executive Vice President, Sales, Northstar