Widening the Focus: Strategies for Changes in Education

The College Savings Foundation is pleased to bring you an informative and distinctive conference that explores the ways the industry can work together to meet the challenges families face in financing college and the role of 529 plans. The conference will look at the growth strategies, trends and opportunities for 529 plans.

The conference will provide an environment for information sharing and discussion on the 529 industry to include an official from the US Department of Education providing an overview of higher education; updates on federal legislation and regulations, Marketing to Gen Z; Financial Market Outlook; Workforce for the 21st Century; Pricing Trends in Higher Education; New and Innovative Ideas in 529s and Overview of FINTECH.

PLEASE NOTE that the New and Innovative Ideas in the World of 529s will have conference attendees sharing innovative ideas and creative tools they are using out to attract new clients, create new efficiencies, enhance engagement with existing clients and ways of doing business in the 529 industry. We welcome conference attendees to share information about their programs with other conference attendees.


The conference is open to everyone with a desire to learn more about the current issues and opportunities in 529 college savings plans, including program managers; investment managers; State Treasurers; state spon- sors and representatives; senior managers at broker/dealers; law firms; not‐for‐profits; those involved in the higher education industry and current and potential vendors.