20/20 Vision: Expanding 529 College Savings Plans

The College Savings Foundation is pleased to bring you an informative and distinctive conference that explores the ways the industry can work together to meet the challenges families face in financing college and the role of 529 plans. The conference will look at the growth strategies, trends and opportunities for 529 plans.

The conference will provide an environment for information sharing and discussion on the 529 industry to include an official from the US Department of Education providing an overview of higher education; how are employers getting engaged in saving for higher education; updates on federal legislation, Challenges and Best Practices for Regulatory Changes, Online Privacy and Data Security:  The New Rights of the Consumer and What Lies Ahead, Market Outlook and the Election Year, Challenges in the Advisor-Sold Space, How Demographics Matter for Future Investors, Impact from Hurricane Katrina 15 years later. Charter School City: What the End of Traditional Public Schooling in New Orleans Means for American Education and cybersecurity and its impact on the industry.

Please note that this year’s conference will end at 3 p.m. on March 26th.


The conference is open to everyone with a desire to learn more about the current issues and opportunities in 529 college savings plans, including program managers; investment managers; State Treasurers; state sponsors and representatives; senior managers at broker/dealers; law firms; not‐for‐profits; those involved in the higher education industry; current and potential vendors and financial advisors and planners.

  • how are employers getting engaged in saving for higher education;
  • overview of higher education from the Department of Education;
  • online privacy and data security;
  • the new rights of consumers and lies ahead in the future;
  • market outlook and the election year;
  • challenges in the advisor-sold space;
  • how demographics matter for future investors;
  • updates on federal legislation and regulations;

A distinguished list of presenters will be speaking at the conference, including regulators, private sector analysts, senior managers and industry analysts.

  • Jillian Enoch
    Vice President, Federal Government Relations, SIFMA
  • Douglas N. Harris
    Professor and Chair, Department of Economics, Tulane University
  • Daniel L. Jaffe
    Group Executive Vice President, Government Relations, Association of National Advertisers
  • Deena Lager
    Director of Arizona Student Financial Aid and Director of the Arizona Family College Savings (529) Program, Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education
  • Erin Layton
    Executive Director and Director of Cash Management and Investments Maryland 529
  • Julio Martinez
    Executive Director, Scholarshare Investment Board
  • Gary Mottola
    Research Director, FINRA Investor Education Foundation
  • Marie O’Malley
    Senior Director of Consumer Research, Sallie Mae
  • Jane Oates
    President of Working Nation
  • Emily R. Roland
    Co-Chief Investment Strategist, John Hancock Investment Management