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Gift of College at Work as an Employer

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Understanding Your Financial Aid Award Letter
This video dissects an actual financial aid award letter to show the free money, earned aid and offered loans. Knowing the breakdown helps families compare award letters and make informed decisions.


Paul Curley: Director of Savings Research, Paul Curley, explains all things 529
Description: Director of Savings Research where I oversee data, research, events, and digital on 529 plans and ABLE accounts for institutional clients, including the 529 Conference.


The Value of Saving for College in Middle School
Hear how families with middle school students can be more motivated to save for college. For example, studies have shown that children who know that money is being put away for their college education are much more likely to attend college and graduate. It also helps to teach middle school students the value of saving when they are younger.

College Planning & Saving Frequently Asked Questions
Hear about the overall timeline of applying to and then paying for college. The process can be a mystery for some families, and we provides clarity and insight each step of the way.

Common Myths about Planning & Saving for College
Every dollar saved will give your family options down the road when it comes time to pay for college. Hear common misconceptions about college savings for families with middle school students.

4 College Planning Tips for New Parents
MEFA Assistant Executive Director Elizabeth Fontaine gives her four most helpful college-planning tips for young families wondering how (and when) to begin planning for college.

College Planning Advice for Parents of Young Children
Learn why it’s important for young parents to start saving for college early to help defray the cost of college later on.

U.Fund: The Massachusetts 529 Plan
Learn all of the important details about the U.Fund, the Massachusetts 529 plan, a great tool to help you save for college.

How to Start Saving for College
Learn how to start saving for college early and the different tools you can use to help you save.

Is There a Deadline for Saving for College?
Learn why it’s never too late to start saving for college.

Balancing Act
Learn why you need to start saving for college and a MEFA tool that makes it easy.

It doesn’t take long to learn how the U.Plan works. This easy-to-understand two-minute video is a great place to start.

Student Loans & the Coronavirus

How to Appeal for More Financial Aid

Impact of Coronavirus on Paying for College (Webinar w Mark)

How to Make Money from Home during Coronavirus

Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students during Coronavirus

How to Appeal for More Financial Aid (Webinar)
(Latest webinar, no article yet)


How do 529 Plans Work

Using your 529 Plan for Room & Board

How Much can you Contribute to a 529 Plan

What can you Pay for with a 529 Plan?

Avoid this 529 Withdrawal Traps

ScholarShare 529

ScholarShare 529 Matching Grant Program
Summary: California State Treasurer, Fiona Ma, introduces ScholarShare 529’s 2020 Matching Grant Program. This program helps California families with low-to-moderate income jumpstart their college savings with a dollar-for-dollar match in contributions up to $225.

ScholarShare 529 Workplace Savings Program
Summary: California Treasurer Fiona Ma introduces ScholarShare 529’s Workplace Savings Program, a great way for employers to help their employees save for college or trade school.