Employers to the Rescue: How to Leverage the CARES Act for a Tax-Free Student Loan Benefit


Finding Balance – Parenting through the College Admission Process
We all want our children to succeed independently, but we also don’t want them to run in the wrong direction, especially considering the costs. This webinar helps families evaluate their options.

How to Win the Financial Aid Game
In this webinar, experts John Hupalo and Gregg Cohen help families maximize free money (scholarships & grants) and minimize student loan debt on the way to achieving college dreams.


Saving for College
This webinar is for parents with children of all ages and describes information and resources that families can use to put a college savings plan in place. We answer questions such as: Why and how much should I save for college? When and how should I start? What is the best way to save? How will saving affect college financial aid? Watch to learn how to prepare best for college costs.

Tackling the College Savings Myths
Will saving for college hurt your chances for financial aid? And is it even worth saving if you can’t save much? We face these common questions about saving for college (and their underlying myths), and offer helpful information and facts in this short webinar.

The Benefits of Starting to Save for College Early
It’s never too late to start saving for college, but there are also significant benefits to starting your college savings plan early on in your child’s life. We explain why, and share some easy strategies for saving, in this short webinar.

Why it’s Critical you Save for College
Ever wonder how real families pay for college? A college savings account is so important in helping a family pay the college bill. In this short webinar you’ll learn how the college savings account plays a part in the college payment plan, and the shocking difference between saving and borrowing for college costs.

Whether you are saving for your own education or the education of a loved one, a 529 account can help you prepare for the future.  Learn all about these tax-advantaged savings accounts in a webinar hosted by Mary Morris, former chair of CSF and currently the CEO of Virginia529, the nation’s largest 529 savings plan.