How could age-based 529 portfolios help you save — even in volatile markets?
Market volatility certainly has a way of reminding us to pay attention to our investments, especially money we have earmarked for something specific, like a child’s higher education. Age-based options are designed to shine in volatile market conditions like we are experiencing today. A 529 plan is a great way to save for college — and with an age-based portfolio, parents can ease the worry of investing in down markets.

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Use 529 Saving for Pre-College Schooling, Student Loans, and Apprenticeships
In recent years Congress has passed legislation to expand the definition of “qualified education expenses” this article helps families understand how their 529 savings can be used.

Saving for College with a 529 Plan is a Good Idea
This article explains how saving for college is made easier when using a 529 plan, allowing for tax advantages and growth with monthly savings.

Tips for H.S Juniors, Seniors & Student Loan Borrowers Navigating Covid-19
Coronavirus changed our lives while also fundamentally changing the landscape for student loan borrowers and high school juniors and seniors. This article covers tips and advice for students to navigate these difficult times.

Tuition Payment Plans: Hidden Gems to Pay for College
Payment plans are a hidden gem found in many financial aid packages! This article helps families understand the impact payment plans can have in reducing student borrowing and the total cost of college.

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College planning at a crossroads? How to help manage market volatility
Thinking of tapping the brakes on your financial plans—particularly any long-term planning, such as college savings—due to the market volatility around the coronavirus? There are three reasons why it makes sense to keep contributing to your child’s (or grandchild’s) 529 plan.

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New York Life Chief Investment Officer Outlook/Market Recap (pdf file)