Purpose:  Establish guidelines under which CSF videos (“Video”) can be utilized

Eligibility: Must be a CSF Board member in good standing in order to acquire and utilize direct access to Video.

Permissible Use:

  • Videos approved use is for general education, training and advocacy purposes about the need and value of saving for higher education through 529 programs.   It is not approved for use to promote a specific 529 program.
  • Video may be shown in its current form with no firm- or 529-program specific introduction, conclusion or wrapper added.
  • Video may not be modified in any way.
  • Video is to be attributed as belonging to the College Savings Foundation, of which Board member firm is a member.

Written Requests for alternative use will be considered by CSF Executive Director, Executive Board and Marketing Task Force Co-Chairs.  Approved users who are not CSF Board members must agree in writing to adhere to CSF Usage Guidelines.