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Tribune News Service: Colleges plan refunds because campuses closed early. CSF was quoted in this syndicated story on 529 and college refunds.

May 4, 2020

By Steve Rosen Tribune News Service (TNS) Apr 20, 2020 Prepare to hit the reboot button on your 529 college savings account if it was tapped to pay for room, board and other costs this school year. That’s because many colleges and universities plan to offer full or partial refunds Continue Reading...

Families receiving refunds from colleges can redeposit money to 529 plans

April 24, 2020

TIM GRANT Pittsburgh Post-Gazette April 23: CSF Chair Vivian Tsai explained how families can redeposit funds received as higher-education refunds, into their 529 savings plans.   Colleges and universities sometimes need to refund a portion of the money families pay for expenses due to problems such as a student deciding to Continue Reading...

Should college savers opt for student loans this fall?

April 24, 2020

By RYAN LANE of NerdWallet CSF Chair Vivian Tsai was quoted in this Associated Press story from Nerdwallet on how families can think about their 529 savings in fast-changing financial markets. In this June 20, 2019, file photo students walk around a RAMS sign at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Va. Continue Reading...

529 Gifting Plans Featured on KNX- AM Los Angeles Mottek on Money

December 28, 2019

CSF Chair Rich Polimeni told KNX-AM's Frank Mottek how families can contribute to a 529 Higher Education plans using a wide variety of gifting programs. Continue Reading...

Survey: Parents with student debt are saving for college while their kids are still young

October 19, 2019

BILL SCHACKNERPittsburgh Post-Gazette September 19, 2019 A new national survey of parents eyeing college for their children is out, and two of the findings suggest that adults both recognize the importance of saving and are doing so while their kids are still young. One reason why that’s true might be Continue Reading...

Money Life with Chuck Jaffe

October 4, 2019

October 3 - Rich Polimeni shared the results of CSF's 13th Annual State of Savings survey of 1,000 parents, and helped listeners approach the challenge of saving for college:  start early, take advantage of 529 college savings plans, and reduce your dependency on debt.  Continue Reading...

Mottek on Money – KNX-AM

October 4, 2019

Los Angeles, September 28. CSF Chair Rich Polimeni told Frank Mottek what parents can do to save for and fund their children's education, to include information on the benefits of investing in 529 college savings plans. Continue Reading...

Money Life with Chuck Jaffe

June 25, 2019

Rich Polimeni shares findings of CSF's 10th Annual Survey of High School Students on this national podcast of Money Life with Chuck Jaffe. Continue Reading...

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Cost of college has the attention of more high school students than ever

June 11, 2019

TIM GRANTPittsburgh It doesn’t take a college degree to know money doesn’t grow on trees, which is why it’s no surprise that a new survey of U.S. high school students found them more cautious about the cost of higher education and how it relates to their careers than ever Continue Reading...

KNX-AM Los Angeles – Mottek on Money

June 1, 2019

Rich Polimeni spoke to Frank Mottek about the student debt crisis and findings of CSF's 10th Annual survey of high school students. Rich's Interview begins at 5:32.  Click to listen Continue Reading...

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