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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Tim Grant interviewed CSF Chair Vivian Tsai in a Sunday Business feature on CSF’s 14th Annual Youth Survey, in “Shift in perspective: High school students embrace college post pandemic” sharing key findings from the survey.

August 14, 2023

Shift in perspective: High school students embrace college post-pandemic TIM GRANTPittsburgh The four-year college experience is back in style — according to a recent national survey. Washington, D.C.-based College Savings Foundation’s 14th annual survey of 1,000 high school students suggests that pandemic-era sentiments have shifted: Students now say they Continue Reading...


Steve Rosen’s Kids and Money column at the Tribune, “Dream on — Students shed light on ideal college experience” shared findings from CSF’s 14th Annual Youth survey on what high school students want in higher ed, along with how they are working and saving to pay for it.  

August 9, 2023

Kids and Money: Dream on — Students shed light on ideal college experience When asked about their ideal college experience, high school students responded in a recent survey that it would entail solid degree credentials, greater access to clubs and recreational sports, and opportunities to network, writes Steve Rosen. (Dreamstime/TNS) Continue Reading...


HTV-10 Louisiana

March 30, 2023

Host Keith Weisheit featured CSF Chair Vivian Tsai in two seven-minute segments on the value of 529s, how they can be used for a variety of career schools and certificates, and how they are flexible among family and friends. Continue Reading...


WWL-FM (CBS Radio)

March 29, 2023

CBS radio host Tommy Tucker interviewed CSF Chair Vivian Tsai for 13 minutes live on the role of CSF in helping parents save for higher education, how 529s work and how they can be used to fund higher ed tuition and expenses for the entire family, Continue Reading...


WVUE-TV, Fox8 Morning News Show

March 29, 2023

CSF Chair Vivian Tsai was interviewed live for a story on CSF's Conference in New Orleans, the value of 529s and how they can help parents as well as students fund education throughout a lifetime. Continue Reading...



March 28, 2023

CSF Chair Vivian Tsai was a featured expert on this segment on 529s, their benefits and how they can be used to pay for college and higher education. This coincided with CSF's Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA. Continue Reading...


Money Life with Chuck Jaffe

December 19, 2022

CSF 529 Member Gifting programs was the topic of Chair Vivian Tsai on "Money Life with Chuck Jaffe" at  Vivan shared results of CSF's survey of parents showing how nearly half (46%) planned to ask for higher education gifts and why e-gifting is increasingly flexible, accessible and popular. Continue Reading...


“Let’s Talk Money” – WRNE-AM

November 15, 2022

CSF Chair Vivian Tsai shared results of CSF's 16th Annual State of Higher Ed survey with Host Robert Hill in a 14-minute interview that also spanned how 529s can be used by all members of the family save for higher education, and the flexibility they offer for a lifetime of education.  Continue Reading...


College survey: More parents seeking education for career changes

October 24, 2022

CSF Chair Vivian Tsai shared her insights on the 16th Annual State of Higher Education Survey findings in a Page One Sunday Business feature in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  With a focus on the survey's findings that parents of college age students are changing careers and going to community college for retraining, Continue Reading...


Real Wealth Radio

August 1, 2022

CSF Chair Vivian Tsai spoke with Real Wealth Radio Host Jim Silbernagel on the benefits of saving early and gifting through 529s. They focused on CSF's 2022 Youth Survey findings that showed how teens have "skin in the game" in saving and choosing higher ed to include Career and Technical Continue Reading...

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