1. Emma Willis
    Arkansas 529, Director
  2. Jon Reiners
    NorthStar Financial, SVP
  3. Peter Hughan
    John Hancock Investments, Director, 529 Sales
  4. Rachel Biar
    Nebraska State Treasurer, Assistant State Treasurer
  5. Tiffany Spudich
    Capital Cities, LLC, Chief Client Officer
  6. Roger Michaud
    Franklin Templeton Investments, Senior Vice President, Divisional Sales Manager
  7. Christy Erickson
  8. Thomas Hewitt
    Vanguard, Relationship Manager
  9. Deborah Smith
    John Hancock, General Director
  10. Troy Montigney
    Indiana Education Savings Authority, Executive Director
  11. John Uricchio
    Russell Investments, Director, Business Development
  12. Jennifer Belchee
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Senior Vice President – Marketing Product Manager
  13. Tonio DeSorrento
    Vemo Education, CEO
  14. Peter Samuel
    LRAP Association, President
  15. Evan Mayhew
    American Century Investments, Relationship Manager
  16. Ann Havermann
    American Century Investments, Marketing Strategist
  17. Teresa Stewart
    American Century Investments, 529 Business Development Consultant
  18. Julia Giordano
    Franklin Templeton Investments, 529 Product Manager
  19. Rob Tirrell
    Voya, Specialist
  20. Mary Morris
    Virginia529, CEO
  21. Chris McGee
    Virginia529, General Counsel
  22. Sherri Wyatt
    Virginia529, CCO
  23. Jordan Forbes
    Virginia529, Government Relations Director
  24. Sheela Jones
    Virginia529, HR Generalist
  25. Alisa Ferguson
    Virginia529, Associate Counsel
  26. Russ Cederholm
    Virginia529, Director of Financial Operations
  27. Scott Ridgely
    Virginia529, Director of Marketing and Communications
  28. Katryn Gabrielson
    Finance Authority of Maine, Deputy General Counsel
  29. Ted Miller
    Education Trust Board, Director
  30. Lauren Price
    Voya, 529 Specialist
  31. Tamera Weaver
    University of Alaska, Chief Treasury Officer
  32. Kathy Hamor
    College Savings Foundation,
  33. Rich Wolle
    Nuveen, a TIAA company, Vice President, 529 Marketing Director
  34. Rachel Ramos
    American Funds, Product Manager
  35. William Reilly
    UBS, Director
  36. Buffy Kuiper
    University of Alaska, Associate Director, Education Trust of Alaska
  37. Martha Johnston
    Finance Authority of Maine, Director of Education
  38. Reagan Anderson
    Capital Group Companies,
  39. Pamela Ellis
    Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, Associate General Counsel
  40. Kevin Byrne
    Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Managing Director, US
  41. Lynthia Romney
    RomneyCom L.L.C.,
  42. George Betzios
    Spectra Professional Services, LLC, Partner
  43. Jeff Howkins
    Ascensus College Savings, President
  44. David Ponder
    Ascensus College Savings, VP, Relationship Management
  45. Steve Dombrower
    Ascensus College Savings, SVP, Advisor Strategy & Investment Management
  46. Rob Percival
    Ascensus College Savings, SVP, ABLE Business Development
  47. Peg Creonte
    Ascensus College Savings, SVP, Business Development
  48. Mike Bibilos
    Ascensus College Savings, VP, Relationship Management
  49. Tejan Crichton
    Ascensus College Savings, Sr. Business Development Analyst
  50. George DuCasse
    Ascensus College Savings, SVP, Client Relationship Management
  51. Tom Pappas
    FINRA, Vice President
  52. Anthony Seiffert
    Capital Research and Management Company, VP, CCO
  53. Sue Hopkins
    Ascensus College Savings, Vice President, Relationship Mgmt
  54. Mary Nickeson
    DST Systems, Inc., Director, College Planning Solutions
  55. Maria Manotok
    Capital Group, Senior Vice President and Senior Counsel
  56. Regina Carmon
    College Savings Bank, a Division of NexBank SSB, Marketing and Sales
  57. Linda Green
    NexBank SSB, VP, Deposit Ops
  58. Ben Gibbons
    Ohio Tuition Trust Authority, Director of Marketing
  59. Lynne Ward
    Utah Educational Savings Plan, Executive Director
  60. Troy Runnells
    Utah Educational Savings Plan, Senior Director for Strategy & Business Development
  61. Brian O’Rourke
    Utah Educational Savings Plan, Financial Analyst
  62. Jenny Sass
    Utah Educational Savings Plan, Outreach Specialist
  63. Kyle Mayo
    Utah Educational Savings Plan, Customer Service Specialist
  64. Kyle Coatney
    Charles Schwab, Product Manager
  65. Paul Curley
    Strategic Insight, Director of Research
  66. Jean Seidel
    TIAA, Director
  67. Sara French
    T. Rowe Price, Senior Relationship Manager
  68. Julio Martinez
    ScholarShare Investment Board, Executive Director
  69. Stanley Zeto
    ScholarShare Investment Board, Deputy Executive Director
  70. Elizabeth Fontaine
    MEFA, Deputy Executive Director
  71. Anna Scimemi
    MEFA, Director of Savings Programs
  72. Jeremy Leber
    Ascensus college Savings, VP, Rleationship Management
  73. Michelle Palmer
    T Rowe Price, Maryland Lead Manager
  74. Diane Davenport
    T Rowe Pice, Marketing Specialist
  75. Christopher Cyr
    Ascensus College Saving, Vice President – Relationship Management
  76. James DiUlio
    Wisconsin 529 College Savings Program, Director
  77. Jessica Fandrich
    Wisconsin’s 529 College Savings Program, Officer
  78. John Hupalo
    Invite Education, Founder
  79. Peter Mazareas
    Invite Education, Co-Founder
  80. Soohyang Lee
    AKF Consulting Group,
  81. Christoher Gaeng
    T. Rowe Price,
  82. Alyson Luszcz
    T. Rowe Price,
  83. Thu Vu
    American Funds,
  84. Martha Kortiak Mert, Chief Growth Officer
  85. Matthew Toner, Director of Research and Development
  86. Douglas Harrison
    TIAA, Senior Director, Marketing
  87. Kay Ceserani
    PCA, LLC, Managing Director
  88. Austin Ulep
    Strategic Insight, Director, Key Accounts
  89. Kevin Cox
    Ascensus College Savings,
  90. Tracy Zeigler
    Bank of America/Merrill Lynch,
  91. Kathleen von der Tann
    Bank of America/Merrill Lynch,
  92. Richard Polimeni
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Direct, Head of Education Savinngs Programs
  93. Deborah Goodkin
    First National Bank of Omaha, Managing Director, Savings Plans
  94. Todd Erskine
    Dimensional Fund Advisors,
  95. Joanna Swanson
    NEST 529 Plan, Head of Direct Sales
  96. Barbara Pate
    Davis & Harman LLP, Partner
  97. Deena Lager
    Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education, Arizona Family College Savings (529) Program Director
  98. April Osborn
    Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education, Executive Director
  99. Nicole Steiner
    Allianz Global Investors, VP, Product Manager
  100. Kevin Mansfield
    New York Life Stable Value, National Director
  101. Beth Miller
    Virginia529, Scholarships and Education Outreach
  102. Michael Dunlop
    Intuition College Savings Solutions, Chief Operating Officer
  103. Ted Horan
    Edward Jones, Compliance Counsel
  104. Tom Morgan
    BlackRock, Director, US Wealth Advisory
  105. Beth Cheatham
    Virginia529, Paralegal
  106. Geng Wang
    LRAP Association, Vice President of Product
  107. Wayne Weber
    Gift of College Inc.,
  108. Chris Werner
    OppenheimerFunds, Inc., 529 Distribution
  109. Fernando Diaz
    Office of Illinois State Treasurer, Chief Financial Product Officer & Executive Director of College Savings
  110. Joseph Friedman
    OppenheimerFunds, VP College Savings
  111. Randy Hardock
    Davis & Harman LLP, Partner
  112. Asia Martin
    Financial Advisor Magazine, Reporter
  113. William Wostoupal
    Gemini Fund Services, LLC, Executive VP of Sales
  114. Justin Rozzero
    Fidelity Investments, Director – College Planning & Relationship Manager
  115. Vincent Sullivan
    529 NOW, LLC, Founder
  116. Joelle McEnaney
    Voya, Operations AVP
  117. John Park
  118. Adam Gorlyn
    franklin resources, Vice President
  119. Vivian Tsai
    TIAA, Senior Director
  120. Lois Welsh
    TIAA, Senior Director
  121. Talley Leger
    OppenheimerFunds, Inc., Investment Strategist
  122. Mark Chapleau
    Weston Patrick, Member
  123. Mark Schneider
  124. Douglas Jackson
    Ohio State Treasurer, Deputy Director, STABLE Account
  125. Risa Tajar Schulz
    Legg Mason, Director, U.S. Product – Head of 529 Plans
  126. Frank Brogan
    U.S. Department of Education, Delegated the authority and duties of the Assistant Secretary of Postsecondary Edcuation
  127. Cassie Matras
    Edward Jones, Senior Solutions Training Specialist
  128. Elizabeth Sadwick
    Ascensus College Savings, Director, Advisor Strategy
  129. Russell Wiles
    The Arizona Republic, Business Reporter
  130. Aaron Singer
    Edward Jones, Manager
  131. Jay Magenheim
  132. Martin Fleischman
    OneAmerica, VP
  133. Sheff Faulkner
    BlackRock, Vice President
  134. Olivia Schultz
    my529, Business Services Director
  135. John Buscher
  136. Judith Minsk
    Putnam Investments, Senior Manager, Investment Strategies