College Savings Foundation and Nick Jr. Beyond the Backpack Partner to Promote Saving for College

May 24, 2017

529 Savings Plan Events Offer Easy Access to College Savings Tools

Washington, DC – May 24 –The College Savings Foundation (CSF) is partnering with Nick Jr. Beyond the Backpack to provide parents with the tools needed to begin planning and saving for their children’s higher education. As part of the partnership, the Nick Jr. Beyond the Backpack website will link to CSF’s own site, where parents can find a wealth of college savings information and tips, including a list of family-friendly college savings events and contests taking place across the country during the month of May. The Nick Jr. Beyond the Backpack site will also feature a brand-new savings calculator to help parents see how the power of compound interest can turn weekly savings into a sizeable college fund over time.

“CSF is thrilled to be part of this important connection of families to practical college savings planning. Parents tell us that they are eager to start saving early and we know it will earn them long-term results. Our partnership with Nickelodeon will bring all the pieces together at their fingertips,” said CSF Chair, Richard Polimeni.

“The Nick Jr. Beyond the Backpack campaign was created as a means to provide parents and caregivers with the resources they need to prepare their children for academic success,” said Andrew Machles, Vice President, Public Affairs and Viewer Services, Nickelodeon Group. “Our partnership with CSF is an organic extension of the Beyond the Backpack mission, as it highlights the importance of education and emphasizes that it’s never too early for parents to begin planning for their children’s future.”

CSF is a leading nonprofit helping American families save for their children’s college education.

Nick Jr. Beyond the Backpack is a kindergarten readiness initiative geared towards helping parents and caregivers prepare their preschoolers for academic success through interactive elements including a dedicated website at where parents can customize a learning plan with games, videos and printables. All elements focus on five key areas deemed critical to educational achievement: family engagement; health and wellness; early literacy; social and emotional development; and fundamental STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills.

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